Rotation Drives

AT Rotation Drive

The AT Rotation Drive is a robustly designed hydraulically drive with standard or customizable solutions for traditional slewing bearing and drive applications.

  • Ability to withstand high shock loads
  • Wide range of available ratios in single or double stage reduction
  • Customizable to exact requirements
    • Crowned pinion teeth
    • Electric motor driven swing drives options
  • Optional eccentric ring

PT Rotation Drive

The PT Rotation Drive, a planetary speed reducer, is a hydraulically driven swing drive with an internal brake. Due to the rugged construction of this swing drive, it can withstand the high shock loads and overhung loads that are common to crane usage.

  • 6500 (single reduction) to 9000 (double reduction) sizes available
  • Spring applied and hydraulic released parking brake yields up to 5,000 in-lbs.
  • Output pinion per customer specification
  • 3000 PSI brake pressure
  • Maximum release pressure per customer specifications
  • Optional eccentric ring