Swing Drive Solutions


Perfection Gear developed a patented industry-leading Swing Drive solution that combines key features of standard slewing gear or rotation bearing and drive systems into a unique fully assembled gearbox that can handle radial or axial loads using high rotational torque. This easy to assemble solution is designed eliminate the common “stick-slip” phenomenon often associated with traditional worm-on-slewing-ring systems.

SW Swing Drive

Double reduction speed reducer with bronze worm gear and pinion

  • Absorbs higher shock loads and overturning moments compared to traditional worm gear drives
  • Features pre-set backlash
  • Hydraulically driven input
  • Minimizes customer interface machining
  • Available in four standard sizes with other sizes available upon request
  • Can be modified to customer specifications
  • No Stick Slip
  • Requires two flat surfaces for mounting
  • One source for complete system
  • No gearbox to mount on opposite side of mounting plate
  • Modular construction for simple installation
  • Pinion supported on both sides
  • Hardened steel worm, tapered roller bearing and crowned pinion teeth
  • High strength aluminum bronze gear

SD Swing Drive

Single reduction speed reducer

  • Ease of assembly due to pre-set backlash eliminating adjustment errors
  • Cost effective solution to rotational application requirements
  • Motor can be mounted at either end
  • Cost-effective solution to rotational application requirements
  • Minimizes interface surface machining

SSD Swing Drive

Option comes with pre-mounted bolts in place on a square based mounting

  • Available in a single standard size
  • User specified sizes can be accommodated
  • Available with the industry preferred size, configuration and features