Industry leading Swing Drive design combines key features of standard Slewing Bearing and Drive systems into a unique "all-in-one-package". Engineered to provide an easy to use solution for our OEM customers, SW Swing Drives are the foundation for many key Aerial rotation applications. Standard and customized offerings available.

SW Swing Drives

SW Swing Drives incorporate all of the key benefits of AT Style Worm Drives with an integral Slewing Bearing creating a simple to install single source system that eliminates "Stick-Slip" that is very common with worm on slew-ring systems. The addition of an outboard bearing on the pinion of the worm gear section also allows the SW system to absorb higher shock loads and overturning moments than traditional Worm Gear drives.

Factory set backlash, minimal machining by the customer on their interface parts, solid construction, hydraulically driven input and unique "all-in-one package" make SW Swing Drives the best solution for designers, engineers, purchasing and installers at our customers.

Available in 4 standard sizes but easily customizable to meet most customer application needs. Contact us to completely review your application.


As a long term manufacturer of Worm Gear Speed Reducers, Perfection Gear has provided many solutions to Aerial and Industrial customer applications. The robust design of the AT series makes it an ideal solution in traditional slewing bearing and drive applications. Available as standard products with short lead time or customized to your exact requirements.

AT Series Worm Gear Speed Reducers
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High quality hydraulically driven swing drives commonly used as a rotation drive for booms. Typical applications include man-lifts, utility trucks, cranes, boom trucks, truck-mounted cranes, tree-trimming vehicles, fire & rescue vehicles and service truck but can also be used anywhere speed reduction is required.

Several standard center distances are available with standard or custom ratios, several industry standard input options, many output pinion configurations. Perfection Gear proudly works with our customers for a customized solution to their application.

Please click for the PDF flyer on this product or contact the factory to discuss your application with our qualified personnel.


Standard and application specific designs available. Perfection Gear will work closely with you on your specific application to provide the best solution at the right price point. Our manufacturing flexibility provides us the ability to best serve your specific needs.

WT Series Winch

WT Series Winch products are worm gear box style winches available with and without drums. 3 standard sizes are available with many combinations of output shafts for customer supplied drums. Winches with varying styles of standard drums can be supplied by Perfection Gear in addition to drums manufactured by Perfection Gear to customer specification.

Many options are available for our winch products, please contact us to discuss your specific application. Some standard options include integral hydraulic brake, custom hydraulic input options, and hydraulic control systems including manifold, valves and motor.

Coming soon: High Speed Worm Winch offering, contact us for more details.


Efficiency, durability and flexibility are cornerstone traits of Perfection Gear Planetary Drives. Please contact us with your needs and we will work to provide the best possible solution.

PT Series Planetary

PT Series Planetary are manufactured to withstand the high shock loads and overhung loads that are common to crane usage. These drives can be used in any application where a high efficiency plantery drive is needed.

Currently available in two sizes, with integral hydraulically released parking brake, variety of input configurations and output pinion options. Perfection Gear will work with you to select the best standard product or develop a custom offering that is best suited to your application.


SD style swing drives provide a cost effective solution to rotational application requirements. Perfection Gear offers a wide range of standard and customized SD products. Our SSD offering is currently available with the industry preferred size, configuration and features.

SD Swing Drives & SSD Drives

SD style swing drives incorporate slewing bearings into the housing of the drive system. Allowing for ease of assembly and minimal machining of mating surfaces for the OEM. Factory set backlash eliminates the need to adjust backlash between slew-ring and output pinion during installation, which is a common place for assembly mistakes by OEM's and MRO end users. Available in 4 standard sizes and custom user specified sizes.

SSD drives incorporate all features of our SD drives but add industry preferred features such as square base mounting and additional protective features. Currently available in 1 standard size but many user specified sizes can be accommodated. Contact Perfection Gear for more information.